Ah, Spring is in the air! "What!", you might say. With snow and cold temps and ice around, what ever are you talking about. Well, it's 29 degrees right now in NJ, and as I write this, I just saw my first Robin of the season, and that was before the 14" of snow we got. But temps are warming in the daytime and each day gives a minute more of light, and Easter will be later this year. So, yeah, it's in the air. It's rime to put away those chains and start looking for clear roads ahead. It's a good time to reflect on our Savior's journey to Jerusalem, His trial, His punishment, His torture, His Cross He bore for us, His walk to Golgotha, His impaling on the cross, His suffering, His shame, His Love for all Mankind, His Father, His Mercy to the thief, His Provision for His Mother, His last words, His Death, His Victory over the grave, His Resurrection, His proof, His Accession, His Provision for all of Us to join Him who Believe, His Mercy, Grace and Peace, continually! He was able to break those chains of bondage to Satan and free you from a life of misery to a life of freedom and peace. 

Yes, Spring is in the air, and we may also reflect on His Soon return. Are you ready? Have you placed your trust and faith in the One who conquered death, won the victory for your soul and everlasting peace for all eternity in Heaven with Him?   Jesus said" I Am the way, the Truth, the Life, no one comes unto the Father but by Me." "Behold, Now is the Day of Salvation". "The gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ His Son". "Whomsoever cometh unto Me, I will in no wise cast out".

Join Him this Easter by giving your life to Him for what He gave for you. See how the flowers even rejoice by blooming during His time of remembrance this season, and newness of Life. Jesus said, "I give Them life, and more abundantly". Safe Journey my Friends, Chaplain Rich

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