Desert Flowers

Desert Flowers

While riding across parched desert land

Seeking relief from the burning sand

I saw an old shack weathered and worn

With flowers touched by the dew of morn

Each one in bloom colorful and bright

In the midst of burnt desert’s blight

How can they grow so lovely and fair,

Neath the burning sun high in the air?

The blossoms were many tho different kind

Brilliant colors blazed as petals unwind

Bringing color and joy to this wasteland view

When they open to life each day anew

In the midst of the garden kneeling there

An old woman with sun-bleached white hair

Tending each flower with soft loving care

Lips moving with words I could not hear

I noticed the drops that fell from her face

Upon a flower of delicate white lace

Its petals drank up each loving tear

To sustain with love neath sun’s blazing sear

She moved to the next it wilt and dry

Lips again moving, she began to cry

Toward Heaven lifted hands from her side

Tears fell to the flower it opened wide

Its deep crimson color displaying new life

As her tears washed away hot desert strife

Bending she kissed gently each brightened leaf

Praying The Lord keep you from sin’s grief

Then moving to the next she kneeled once more

Repeated what she’d done to the others before

I watched her hover over each flower the same

As she cried and prayed and called them by name

When she finished, I spoke softly, “Hello!”

“Would you mind telling how your flowers grow

“In land so arid and bleached by the sun,

“In barren sand without shade or streams that run”

Never asking my name, or why I was there

In a place that sears life without reason or care

She nodded me down off my horse to share

How each flower grows in this land of despair

“Each flower you see is a child of my own

“Who left family and friends this world to roam

“In a place without God, a vast wasteland of sin

“I pray they won’t open hearts to let Satan in

“This desert’s like souls blighted by sin

“No water of life for the lost to drink in

“No streams of refreshing trickling by

“To refresh parched lips foiling redemption’s cry”

“Early each day I kneel in my garden to pray

“My tears water the plants of those in harm’s way

“For my daughter I pray over these roses red

“That one day soon by The Lord she’ll be led

“I water with tears and pray for each day

“These beautiful flowers will not die in the way

“Carnations of white for my sons who stray

“For The Lord to return them without delay

“The rest are for cousins and all other kin

“That through Jesus they’ll be delivered from sin

“Each one is watered with tears from my heart

“As I kneel at each bloom each day to start

“This special flower you see growing here

“Is a Rose of Sharon, I hold prayerfully dear

“Planted for strangers, I pray will stop by

“Who’ll open their hearts to salvation’s cry

“Friend as we kneel in His garden let’s pray

“For The Holy Spirit to open the way

“To redeem you to life anew from your sin

“Pray, Lord I confess and believe now my heart enter in”

Harlan J. Waddy

TCC Ministries

The Narrow Road

Inspirational Stories for Truckers

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