If the Weather’ll Hold

If the Weather’ll Hold

In a drafty cabin high above Brannigan’s Pass

Ice covered most of the window’s glass

Wind from the north blowin’ more cold

He hoped for the ride the weather’ll hold

Darkening sky with clouds colored grey

Tired old bones told him gonna snow today

The wind kicked up adding sting to the cold

He hoped this evenin’ the weather would hold

Looked once more in the mirror to see

If his hair was slicked down neat as could be

Face tinged slight red from shaving cold

Softly he prayed for the weather to hold”

Donned wool chaps, tied his Stetson down

Put on the new canvass coat bought in town

Just for this night he knew would be cold

Said, “I’ll be alright, if the weather will hold”

He got old Frosty out of the lean-to stall

Sixteen hands that cowpony stood tall

Nostrils blowing steam trails into the cold

“We’ll be OK partner, if the weather will hold”

Up in the saddle and ready to go

He bowed his head, “Lord you know,

“Be ridin’ more’n ten miles in the cold

“Be mighty thankful the weather’ll hold”

Each year he’d go at the same time of day

By now old Frosty knew the right way

Down snow covered hills in winter’s pale

A bright star in the east lightin’ the trail

Four hours gone by, three miles to go

His feet were cold his nose a red glow

From the freezing wind and the icy cold

Praying still the weather will hold

With only an hour left in the day

He rode over a hill saw not far away

Warm lights cutting thru December’s cold

Just a short way more, let the weather hold

Just as big snowflakes started to fall

He arrived at the door of the old church hall

Where a few dozen cowboys each year came

Celebrate Christmas and honor Jesus’ name

With songs and hymns for Christmas Eve

They sang past midnight then had to leave

Return to their chores - work Christmas Day

Each one rememberin’ Jesus, born in the hay

The Preacher said, “It’s a hard ride from here

“The high grounds froze and wind-whipped bare

“Deep snows and ice make dangerous track

“Ride careful old hand on your way back”

“Not a hard ride at all!” The old cowboy said

“To come honor Him born, who died in our stead

“A long time ago wise men did the same

“Not a hard ride to come and honor *His name”

Harlan J. Waddy


For a child is born to us, a son is given to us.

And the government will rest on his shoulders.

These will be his royal titles:

*Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace”

Isaiah 9:6 (KJV)

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