Alabama Testimony

Date: Saturday, August 13, 2011, 8:37 AM

Bro Rich
I am sorry it has taken so long to write this out. I hadn’t forgotten, just finding the time is the problem. On the 4th of July my wife, my daughter and I went to Lake Guntersville for the fireworks display. This is something we do each year, and we will take a blanket and sit on the river bank and wait for them to start. This year was different.

My wife had surgery on her foot and couldn’t walk well, so we got there early to find a good parking place so she could sit in our Tahoe. On each side of our cars are magnetic signs that say “JESUS CHRIST DIED TO SAVE SINNERS”. While we were waiting for the fireworks, a man who I did not know, came up to me as I was standing outside the car. He pointed at the signs and asked if I believed that. I told him I not only believe it, I know it to be true and I began to tell him about Jesus. This man had lived a hard life and had a lot of baggage, as we all did when we came to Jesus. I shared the Gospel with him and ask him if he would like to be saved. He said he was drinking so he didn’t want to now. This scared me to death as I think of Acts 24:25, (And as he reasoned of righteousness, temperance, and judgment to come, Felix trembled, and answered, Go thy way for this time; when I have a convenient season, I will call for thee.). However, he wanted to talk to me later. He called his wife to come up there with us. When she got there, he told her to give me their phone number and I begin to ask her about her salvation. She was a angel, according to her. She never did anything wrong and I began to explain to her we all are born of sin and going to hell without Christ. We exchanged numbers and they went back to their blanket down in front of us. The entire time I’m crying inside because they were lost! What else could I have done? As the night went on, I remembered the tracts I keep over the sun visor. I gave them to his wife and asked them to read the tracts, and that they didn’t need me to be saved. The tracts told them how to be saved I begin praying for them to be saved. I called a few days later, talked for a few minutes and he said he had to go. He would call me back few days later. I called again and we talked a few, and again he had to go. He would call me back. He never did. I sat at home all evening waiting on his call one time and he never called. At this point I turned it over to the Lord. I had done all the Lord would have me to do. I kept praying for them.

Then one Wednesday night my phone rang. It is his wife and she is almost in tears and says he wants to meet with me. I’m on the road so I tell her I will come see them Saturday. That Saturday my wife and I went to Lifeway, a Christian Bookstore to buy 2 Bibles for this couple because they are going to get saved that day, and we give new converts Bibles as gifts to help them along. While we were in Lifeway, I forgot to lock the Tahoe. Someone got in there and took mine and my wife's cell phones. The first thing I thought was, “how will I call them, their number is in my phone”. I don’t know where they live. Then my wife told me I still had her number in my billfold, so I went back in used Lifeway’s phone to call and get directions where they were and tell them when we would be there. By the way, the person who took our phones in a Christian bookstore parking lot had to walk pass those same signs “JESUS CHRIST DIED FOR SINNERS”, reach past my Bible to get those phones. He or she has had to have seeds sown! I pray for their salvation also. Fortunately there was a Verizon Store across the street and we canceled the phones out, so whoever took them couldn’t use them and Verizon had the info in case someone tried to list them again.

We went to the couples house and talked with them again about Jesus. I explained about Jesus, how He loved them, how He didn’t care what they had or hadn’t done, that He loved them and wanted to save them. They begin to cry and I asked them if they wanted to be saved, and Glory to God they said “yes”. We prayed and they were saved!

All this is a result of God working though many people. The bible says we are all members of one body. There were many parts of the body involved in these folks salvation. Christian Gospel Work for making and providing the signs, TCCM for distributing the signs, Wes Kirchner in Laramie for speaking to me about preaching again, my church for supporting and praying for the ministry, my wife and daughter for their love in my work, (they give up a lot for the work of Christ) the surgery which made us available to his question, (God’s intervention) and most importantly the Head of the Body, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ all the while. The Bible tells us to be “instant in season and out”. We never know when God will open a door to share the Gospel. That 4th of July was a rare time for just my family and I, but Praise God I now have a new Brother and Sister. God bless, Ronald Burt (Gadsden, AL), Chaplain for TCCM

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