Truckers Christian Chapel Ministries, East, Inc. is merging with TFC Global.

Truckers Christian Chapel Ministries will cease operations effective September 30, 2019.

For chapel locations, please visit TFC Global at

To make donations, please visit their webpage here.

Travel Centers of America TA Portland
I-5 Exit 278
Portland, Oregon (503) 678-2111
Worship Services: Sunday 10 AM & 6 PM
Sunday Chapel hrs 9am to noon, 4pm to 7pm
Tues, Wed, Thurs, Sat 7pm Bible study
Chapel open 6pm to 8pm weekdays Sat. 3-7
Temporarily closed on Friday
Chapel phone is (503) 678-6528
Chapel located on parking lot facing highway
Sponsored By: North Marion Community Church
Chaplain Dean Holliday

Travel Centers of America TA Troutdale
I-84 Exit 17 (NW Frontage Road)
Troutdale, Oregon (503) 666-1588
Worship Services: 8:30 AM & 7 PM Sun. Bible Study Evenings 7 PM
Chapel Open T-F 6-10 PM, Sat. 12-5:30 PM in Building out back of Truck stop
Sponsored by: Greater Gresham Baptist Church
Chaplain: Gordon Storey

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