Reaching the American Trucker for Jesus Christ through the local Church.


It is our goal to provide as many Chapel Locations as the Lord allows, within a truck stop setting familiar to the road drivers. We provide Chapel Services, Bible Studies, Prayer, Counseling, and just plain old Fellowship.

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Questions of Pastor’s & Churches for TCCM


What is Truckers’ Christian Chapel Ministries (TCCM)?


TCCM is a growing number of separate yet united truck stop chapels that are independent in scope of autonomy, by administering materials and supervision over their respective co-laborers, and part of a larger vision of presentation of the Gospel and continuity of Bible Studies that impact and affect the professional Driver and their families as they travel. We also minister to travelers who stop in. Each Ministry is an outreach of the Local Church and is maintained, encouraged and supported by the Local Church. TCCM is currently comprised of over 100 such Church Ministries, working in Truck Stops located in 33 states. TCCM, Inc. itself was a local church ministry operating out of the First Baptist Church of Enon, Ohio, (SBA). It was formed to facilitate the establishment, development, expansion and growth of the local church truck stop ministries. These ministries evangelize, disciple, encourage, minister and council professional drivers, travelers and truck stop personnel. First Baptist Church of Enon still supports the work, however they have no other ties to the mission.

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Do you have a prayer request? Please feel free to share it with us. We will also pass it along to our Chaplains.

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